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As a real estate agent in todays market place, you know the value and power of the internet, however all to often setting up and managing an online marketing campaign is complicated or time consuming. To solve this issue a company called Agent Butler has created a simple and easy to use service to help realtors nationwide take advantage of the internet to generate new leads.

Online marketing can be a bit tricky if your not sure how it all works. As a start, traffic to your real estate website is generated by people clicking on ads for something they are looking for. As an example if someone is searching for real estate agent in your city, Agent Butler can show ads for your business in real time. Think about that for a moment, these leads are from people looking for your business and therefore highly qualified.

Agent Butler is a new real estate agent marketing that takes the headache out of setting up and managing this for you, so you dont have to worry about what keywords to go after, how much to bid or balance ROI. Since Agent Butler works with real estate agents all across the nation, you can put their knowledge and experience to your benefit, having them setup an optimized campaign right from the start, putting your budget to good use right from the start.

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